Dear Supporters and Fans,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your love and gratitude on this trek of my journey into the music business.

This road can be tough at times be discouraging, misleading, overwhelming; but your words of encouragement and support through events gives me the needed strength to move forward and use my talents for the betterment of others.

For a long time, I’ve struggled with stepping out into the industry on my own because I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. I felt that to have any measure of success a person had to look a certain way, sing certain types of songs and live my life for social media and the public.

My faith in God has allowed me to see that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in his image.  I’ve become a dreamer, a visionary and anything I want in life I am determined to go get it. I pray my music will touch many lives and inspire you to be GREAT!

Music allows us to connect with one another and I promise to make your proud.  This is just the beginning of an amazing journey. Stay tuned, there’s so much more in store. I want to let anyone and everyone that reads this to know I am truly appreciative of everything big or small you contribute in taking this journey along with me.


Ms. Tia